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When faced with a legal problem, most people believe they have two choices – to hire an attorney to handle their entire case or to represent themselves. Unfortunately, with the traditional way that legal representation is handled, many people cannot afford a traditional attorney. The result is that most people are left representing themselves.

I founded ELHolmes Legal Solutions to give people an alternative. My firm is based on three principles: 1) a person should only pay for the legal services that they actually need; 2) those legal services should be affordable for the average person; and 3) the focus in a case should be on crafting lasting solutions to insure a bright new future.

“A good laugh heals a lot of hurt.”
– Madeline L’Engle
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Often, legal matters can be broken into separate tasks – many of which can be handled perfectly well by the people involved in the case. That is why we will start your case with an in-depth case analysis – to figure out exactly which parts you need my help with and exactly which parts you can do for yourself. I believe that everyone can contribute in some way to their own case and you should only pay for the legal services you actually need.


There are enough uncertainties when you are facing a legal dilemma – your bill should not be one of them. All of my fees are priced at a flat rate so there is no question how much you will be paying for what I provide. Through technology and other innovative means, I have also structured my firm to keep my costs as low as possible and calculated my prices based on what regular people can afford.

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I am a problem solver. If you are looking for a problem maker, I am not the right attorney for you. My focus as an attorney is to find the best, long-term solutions for my client’s legal issues by the most straightforward and, preferably, amicable means possible. I protect my clients’ interests but am dedicated to doing so with civility and professionalism.


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